Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Speaking, confirmed

This is something I've been meaning to write, but I kept delaying, holding and forgetting.

it is to do with my speaking.
I do not know what this means yet.
But RIGHT now as I was just praying to the Father, as I lay on the bed, a short prayer.
My mouth began to dry, I can feel this heavy dryness and numbness at the tip of my tongue, as i type this.

As I've always wanted to write this before: previously whenever I talk about my testimony, God, bible, miracles, church, Jesus etc. I would notice my mouth would run dry!
I went to sister Ann's house one time when her aunty was away from home. I was speaking the Word to sister Anna and teaching her the bible (this was just after I finished visiting Brain, a lonely man who rejected me when i went to his house to proclaim the 'Truth' to him).

As I was preaching/teaching to sister Ann, i noticed my mouth was running dry all the time.
She offered me a drink cranberry juice earlier and I didn't want to refuse. I really needed water, though each time i kept speaking, my mouth would run dry. And each time i drank the juice, it makes me more thirsty.

In fact in addition to this, I just understand this greater revelation now.
Jan 2015 i was excited to try out different drinks and juices from different brands of company.
Though when I fasted Feb 2015, because I was mainly drinking water all the time, after the fast I got so used to drinking water. I did not even felt like drinking any juices, I was mainly and purely drinking water all the time!
Whenever i go to my pastor's house, when we are having dinner, pastor's wife would offer me a drink and I would decline and ask for water instead, i would tell her I'm trying to drink water just for this year.

It is God who put this thrist into me, thrist to only drink water. I don't know why, I just have the only need to drink water alone.

During the Leicester meeting, on Friday morning while I was at the hotel, i had a big breakfast. I didn't have time to digest...or well..go to the toilet or release some gas. So that kind of steered up my stomach so badly, that I was feeling very very bad stomach pain for a long time!!!
The problem was I did not drank enough water.
When I say I was striving to drink only water this year...I mean it!
I kept drinking water ALL the time, my body is so used to the amount of water I drink.
now because of this 2 days Leicester meeting on 28 and 29, i never drank enough water, therefore it gave me bad stomach pains.

But I am feeling better now.


Now I don't know what this means or why i have dry mouth/tongue.
But I will tell you this great revelation that just happened to me now.

Right now as I prayed a short prayer to Father, I had a numbness to my right 5th toe. My tongue was going dry and numb.
When I was typing all these, i stopped and quickly prayed and proclaim for women in prostitution, victims in trafficking, poor people, people in disaster situation like Nepal.
As I prayed I put my left hand up, and I felt a breeze on the middle of my palm, constantly.

I don't know what this dry tongue means...but i will soon find out and explain/update.

God bless for reading!

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