Monday, 15 June 2015

Dream 15 June 2015

I had this dream, please mark this in your heart for later something like this will come to past.

I saw myself, well notified and known, I believe I was dressed smart.
Few people were with me, following me.
I went around places.
Sister Ann was with me, i believe Brother Peter was with me as well.
I was in a place/house, and I saw almost 5 children with problems, like epilepsy, and these children were disabled. I wanted to pray for them, even I was shocked that they will definitely be healed and better if I prayed for them. I went up to the owner in charge of looking after the children, I think she is African.
And to my surprise, she denied me when I said I wanted to pray for the children.
Immediately when she denied me, one other lady instantly appeared from behind me and said she would pray for them, and she was allowed but I denied. Her prayer was like a blessing.

I went back to my group who were following me, and they asked why I am not praying for the children, I told them the lady/owner denied or rejected me.

To my mind and even now as I type this, I am very surprised that people will deny and REJECT free blessing!

Also in the dream, I saw myself falling from a sky at night.
And there were rings lined up all over the sky, as I was falling, I would collect these rings.
The rings are together like bracelets. There were even square rings as well.


The rings are like this, not as in colour, but together like these image. The colour of the ring were transparent.
There were words written both inside and outside of the rings. Colour of the letters were hidden.
When I touch the rings, the letters glows, and if I rotate and position the words of the rings together to match and make a word, the letters glow even more. Colour of the glow is white.

3 times all the rings were aligned together to form this name:
Spirit of Charity Organisation Church
When I landed on the ground, I was in a conference with smart people sitting.
Then they call the name of the 'CTO' of Spirit of Charity Organisation Church, it was one lady.
I CANNOT remember the name that was called, but why does "branda" come to my mind now?

Also I went to visit my sister in one new apartment, she said she really likes the living room.
It was night time and they were about to have dinner, i spoke to her and asked her about Luke.
She said Luke moved out to a shared-house in Plastiow.
The baby Ezekiel was about to have his dinner, and my sister said she was microwaving bake beans.

I don't know what this dreamt meant for my sister.
a) I need to go and visit her because she felt lonely with her child
b) she might have to move to a new house and I still need to visit her.

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