Sunday, 15 November 2015

Father's promise of financial blessing of abundance

After doing God's work of Evangelism full time temporary for 3 months. Now going back to work in a new job for Selfridges, God spoke and revealed the promise He would do for my sacrifice.

"You will lack nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing nothing, NOTHING!
You never ever put into shame, never EVER PUT INTO SHAME!
You trusted in Me in every area, even in Finance, you took a decision that God will supply and He will supply, that abundance supply is taking over you.
Abundant supply, you will testify, you will testify, you will testify! My supply will take over you.
You will testify,YOU WILL TESTIFY!
Because you trusted Me, you in Me, you have trusted in Me!"
25 Oct 2015

"You will multiply in every area of your life, in every area you will multiply, you will multiply, you will multiply. You will multiply.
The Multiplication of God will take over you.
Whoever spend anything for My sake, they will be having hundred fold, in this world and other world. And you will have that in this world, in this world, in this world!"
1 Nov 2015

Also a prophecy was given, saying Financial blessing is going to take over. It was a prophecy for me, even though the pastor said that prophecy was for someone, I know it was for me.

So as you can see.....when these 2 blessings take over me, THIS blog is the evidence!

And I will explain the reason why these things are happening.
It is to do with faith and FULLY trusting in God as your everything.