Monday, 4 April 2016

Prophecy #21

After sunday Message
25 March 2016
After church service
Pastor Antonysil prayed for me

Word is taking you over, the word is taking you over,  the word is taking you over,  the word is taking you over........... the word, the word,  the Word is taking you over

From the last week prayer, 06 March, I started reading and focusing on the bible. And Lord revealed this.

Prophecy #20

After sunday Message
06 March2016
After church service
Pastor Antonysil prayed for me

I have called you for many nations, i have called you for many nations, I have called you for many nations.Sit and learn, sit and learn, I have called you for many nations,  I have called you for many nations.Sit and learn. Sit and learn. And give priority to learning, many things are lacking, many things are taking you away from learning. But I make you to sit here to learn, to learn, to Learn, to LEARN. Meditate upon the the Word of God, meditate upon the word of God. Because the calling, the places that I'm going to take you, they're going to challenge you, they're going to challenge you, they're going to challenge you by the Word. LEARN!

That is the main goal in your life right now, learn, learn, learn. When the miracles and wonders happening through your hands, people going to challenge you with the Word of God, challenge you with the Word of God.

Learning the Word of God is important to performing miracles, signs and wonders.
Regarding of what i know of  the Word now, even though I surpass majority of readers and Christians out there. It is still not enough.

When the Lord revealed this to me, I was shocked how LITTLE I knew the bible!

Number 1 priority is learning and meditating on the bible. Not finding a wife, partner/girlfriend as many people keep suggesting who are not speaking from God.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Prophecy #19

??? Feb 2016
Recording message date has been mixed up, so cannot determine the date and time.
Pastor Antonysil prayed for me

Impossible thing, Impossible thing, Impossible thing, I will do it through you, Impossible thing. Impossible thing, Impossible thing.
Impossible thing, Impossible thing, I will do it for you, I will do it through you.

Lately the power of God is always heavily on me, I can't even stand still whenever I worship or pray.

Prophecy #18

After sunday Message
07 Feb 2016
After church service
Pastor Antonysil prayed for me

"because of the love, that is why you couldn't see any colours. you couldn't see anybody, you can be with any kind of people. Because my love has taken over you. You don't have idea about my love, because that much of love is taken over you, taken over you, taken over you.Meditate my love, mediate my love.When you put the hand on, when you pray for someone, when you walk into the house, they will cry, they will be broken. Because the love of God will take over that place, take over that place, take over that place, take  over that place.Speak in your heart, that place will be taken over."

The people who just love to help people, who can easily talk to people and who do not regard their formalities. These kind of people are the ones who have tasted the love of God.
When the love of God has taken over you, you easily see past people's skin colours and deforms.

When you see someone with skin disease, despite you speaking to them many times, each time you look at their face you CANNOT see that disease!
But when you are longing for the unconditional love of God or you lack love, you will see a lot of LACKNESS in people, and your mind will start judging them.

Can you see? if I can see people this way and I cannot regard their nationalities or skin colour because of the Love of God, how much more God sees us?
That is why bible says we are spotless, blameless, Holy, consecrated, forgiven, loved etc.
There is nothing wrong with us, only religious people such as Christians who do not have the unconditional love of God are the ones to point out your faults and make you unclean, but through Father's eyes we are clean!

Prophecy #17

Last week sunday
24 Jan 2016 | 18:48
After church service
Pastor Antonysil prayed for me

Nothing in this world, no blessing can be equal to it! Equal to it!
What you have, is far greater, FAR GREATER, than any billionaire has in his life.
What you have, what you have, what you have.
No trillionaire can have what you have.
You've been restored with the Father, restored with the Father.
Because none of them is equal to the blessing I have given onto you.
None of them equal to the power, to the authority that I have given to you.
None of them equal to the success and favour I have given to you.
You DON'T have any idea, how much I have imparted onto you.
Listen to this message, again and again and again.
It's going to take over, take over, take over; not only you, not only you
Whoever come across, come across, after this message and you will see, you will see the glory of God, you will see the power of God, you will see every sickness will disappear. You will see every demon will ran away from the word that you release.

The message that was given on sunday was so amazing. I kept feeling like a cool presence upon me (power of God) as the message was going.

The reason why God was saying I need to start walking and thinking like a trillionaire.
Is because when I give money to the homeless, I always get angry because I'm just giving spare changes, £1, £0.20p, £2, £5 etc:/
I was even speaking to one homeless guy in the wheelchair and I was telling him how I wanted to give MORE than just small amounts.

Sometimes I will speak to God and inquire of Him, if only I was very rich.
This is the reason why thus Father is telling me I need to think more than a billionaire.

And it is true, all the rich people of this world do not know what we have 

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Prophecy #16

17 sunday Jan 2016 | 18:33pm
Our service starts 3pm and finishes 5pm, clearing up and prayer takes time till 6pm
Pastor Antyonsil prayed for me

I brought one uncle to the church, mr Singh, he was affected by witch craft. I had to walk with him half way home, for discreet reasons.
It was very close that evening!
While I was almost close to the church, I noticed both of my foot were extremely numb!
I thought it was the cold, but it was actually the presence of God heavily upon me.
Because while the pastor was praying for me, heavy presence of God was so on me ever before.
In fact earlier before church while I was sleeping on my bed.
I noticed my whole body went numb, and I knew the presence of God was around in my room.
Somehow I had a feeling Jesus was standing outside my door, (just a thought feeling), but I was too tired to wake up:/

New creation take over, to destroy old creation.All the power and authority has been given onto me, New creation taken over (x5)You are the overcomer, you are the overcomer. And the victory of God already established in you.Everybody that you put the hand on, the power of God will take them over....This is the sign, the power taken over you, is taken over your sister right now.
This is the power, when you release don't think nothing is going. This is the power, this is the power, this is the power of God!

If only I recorded it, you will understand.
I think I will ask a brother to record the prayer from now on.
The presence was just so on me, I felt dizzy, kept falling down.

Prophecy #15

10 Jan 2016 | 18:33pm

After church service
Pastor Antonysil prayed for me

Don't take it lightly, the anointing which is upon you, is a kingly anointing.God has anointed you to rule and reign.And you will restore my children, back to my plan, back to my creation, back to my perfection.
The relationship will increase, relationship will increase, relationship will increase.Everything in the relationship, even if you want that relationship to increase, even if you want the relationship increase, but the knowledge of God must increase.That will affect the relationship.
And you and Me will have a great relationship, (is God is saying)That relationship will take you to the nations, to the nations. Today you are nobody, but there's a times are coming, times are coming, times are coming. Even from your father's eyes, even from your family as you are nothing. But days are coming, days are coming, days are coming, the days are coming.You are the house on a mountain. And on the mountain everybody will see, everybody will see. EVERYBODY WILL SEE.

As you can see, all the set up.
Therefore all these blogs are just evidence and tracks of seeing how all these things will unfold.
100% many baby Christians will call me fake preacher, false prophets and liars in the future.
So these blogs are evidence for them. our brothers and sisters are the ones going against the body of Christ, yet Atheist don't even do this!