Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Prophecy #16

17 sunday Jan 2016 | 18:33pm
Our service starts 3pm and finishes 5pm, clearing up and prayer takes time till 6pm
Pastor Antyonsil prayed for me

I brought one uncle to the church, mr Singh, he was affected by witch craft. I had to walk with him half way home, for discreet reasons.
It was very close that evening!
While I was almost close to the church, I noticed both of my foot were extremely numb!
I thought it was the cold, but it was actually the presence of God heavily upon me.
Because while the pastor was praying for me, heavy presence of God was so on me ever before.
In fact earlier before church while I was sleeping on my bed.
I noticed my whole body went numb, and I knew the presence of God was around in my room.
Somehow I had a feeling Jesus was standing outside my door, (just a thought feeling), but I was too tired to wake up:/

New creation take over, to destroy old creation.All the power and authority has been given onto me, New creation taken over (x5)You are the overcomer, you are the overcomer. And the victory of God already established in you.Everybody that you put the hand on, the power of God will take them over....This is the sign, the power taken over you, is taken over your sister right now.
This is the power, when you release don't think nothing is going. This is the power, this is the power, this is the power of God!

If only I recorded it, you will understand.
I think I will ask a brother to record the prayer from now on.
The presence was just so on me, I felt dizzy, kept falling down.

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