Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Prophecy #10

After church, Anosuka's birthday. 20 Sept 2015. Prophecy 10.

My pastor prayed for me, and a Word of advice/truth came from God

"Be courage, be courage by the Word of God. That is your power, that is your power, be courage.  Impart, deposit the word of God unto you. That is your power, that is your power, that is your power, that is your power, that is your power, that is your power. And then when you speak  the word the power will flow through you. Gospel is the power of God."
No wonder why whenever I read the bible, I get the numbness on my feet, as if I am standing in the presence of God. Always happens all the time, usually I am mostly on the bus and that's the time I could read the bible, and the numbness occurs while i'm on the bus.

This is why when I speak regarding the Word, Jesus, Bible to anyone, the tip of my tongue goes numb. Even when i'm in the house and ready to go out and do evangelism, as soon as I step outside the house, immediately the numbness manifest on the tip of my tongue.

Same goes with prayer, before I pray, just before I'm about to say a prayer, small prayer, thought to the Father, thanks to Father. Immediately my tongue has gone numb, and then I say the word.
When I just do even a small prayer, immediately my tongue goes numb.