Saturday, 30 May 2015

Double Portion of Prophecies #5

Finally back in London after the meeting in Leicester for the Deliverance, Healing and Anointing service.
Brother/Pastor Sajith prayed for me, with full expectation I was expecting something great from Father.

I was praying previously to God so He should reveal to me my calling, and power me up so that I can start healing people, raising the dead and doing great and mighty works, (even though we all have these gifts).

"Ep 1:16-17 is your prophecy, Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation.
Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation, which means being Enlightened
Eyes of Understanding
Through the Spirit of Wisdom and through the Spirit of Revelation, your eyes of understanding will be enlightened....and you WILL see the hope of your calling!"

When I received this prophecy, I was stunned because I was expecting something greater like to start doing greater things Jesus had done. But later I realized this is a blessed powerful anointing.

Ephesians 1:16-17New King James Version (NKJV)

16 do not cease to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers:17 that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give to you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him,

Now that I have received this Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation, I shall know more about the Father. And the more I know about Him, the more I will know what my calling is, who I am in Christ, doing greater and mighty things in Him.

Second prophecy given to me was after the offering.
Pastor Sajith prophecy through Jesus when I put down my offering:
"God has made you prosper, He has made you prosper, I will have better jobs, I will be in  a high position, through contacts, by contacts is how I will get a new job".

I am glad and blessed for this message!

::date of prophecy: 29/May 2015

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Tonight #4 prophecy, why i smile

We had ministers meeting today at Pastor's house, to discuss the issues of many things hindering the growth of the church.
We finished around 10pm, from 8pm. Other teachings followed along the acknowledgement.
Before the rest of the brothers and sisters departed, pastor prayed for me.

God revealed that
I am always smiling and laughing, He wants me to always smile and laugh at the problems that comes against me. When I laugh and smile, the devil gets very angry. I should laugh at the problem and the evil will pack its bag and flee away.
He said there are some areas I am afraid to laugh/smile at, but I should smile/laugh and favour will be shown to me!
When I will lay my hands on people, I will smile/laugh, and when I do the spirit of laughter will over take the person I am praying for.

This is insane stuff.
Now I know why I am *ALWAYS* smiling and laughing. Because God designed me like this for a reason.

In the near future when my ministry has begone and started already, who ever is reading this now will know that ALL these happening are all done by God's will and planning!

Even people like you, at my working place, people I had worked with in the past, at big brand companies; you have seen me: I am always smiling and laughing and you've always wondered WHY.
Why is he always laughing and smiling.

This is the reason!

::date of prophecy: 23/May 2015

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Advancing in feeling God's power/presence, all the time

I've come a long way from feeling the presence and powers of I.AM.
The first time I started going to Prime Ministries and after the service, pastor will pray for me, then I feel I AM's presence.
I would fall to my back.

Feb 2013 was when Lord allowed me to feel his awesome presence, ever since I feel his presence day in and day out.
Now 2015 I feel his presence heavily, almost ALL the time!

what does it feel like?
*Numbness on my left or right foot (happens all the time)
*body shaking (when HEAVY presence of God is around)
*heat sensation around my body (all the time now)
*eye twitching (happened once)
*Falling back (happens all the time now)

What do I mean by happens all the time?
As in just minding my own business, or thinking; then I would feel this sensation.
Whenever the heavy presence of I AM is around is when my body shakes as if I am cold, even though I am not.

Sometimes I would get numbness on my fingers.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Upcoming event

I am making this blog totally different.
It will be my walk and journey with Christ.
The miracles and knowledge I gain.

I have written down the prophecies God has revealed onto me, as witness.
So that when I start walking in the Lord, these things I published on those days will be my witness!

When I start delivering people, healing people, I am not the one doing them but my Father in me.
I will start sharing things I perceive in the spiritual kingdom, because I AM already prophecied to reveal these things to me.

There is an event coming up in Bristol and Leicester which I will attend this May 26, 27 and May 28, 29.

Bristol Healing Meetings
May 26 & 27 2015
11am -3pm & 5pm - 8pm
Holy Trinity Church Centre
Broad Croft, Bradley Stoke
Bristol- BS32 0BD

Leicester Healing Meetings
May 28 & 29 2015
11am -3pm & 5pm -8pm
Mayflower Methodist Church
Ethel Road, Leicester LE5 5ND

Why am I laying down all these works and evidence? because humans are ignorant!
They see truth and they don't want to believe it.
I know when I grow in the Lord, he shall make me big (you are witnesses for reading these).
And when I do grow big and do great and mighty things, many Christians will reject me, hate me and call me false. Even your great grand-children will reject me if they do not learn in the truth.

So when I am fully established, the questions I will answer, I will point towards my evidences I leave as trails, even to this blog.
So that when they read this, THEY CANNOT DENY the truth!

This event that will be happening will be a power up event for me!
I shall feel the presence and power of God never than before. This will be my awakening to my start up.

Prophecy #4

Friday night prayer meeting at church Aunty house who lives in Edmonton. Pastor prayed for everyone, I got prayer as well:

I AM said he will reveal and show me secrets, secrets of the spiritual realm.

I asked my pastor what this means, he said I will be seeing visions.

exactly what the Word says:

Jeremiah 33:3New King James Version (NKJV)‘Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’

I await until the days I start seeing the secret of the spiritual kingdoms.

::date: cannot recall, Friday, probably March 2015

Prophecy #3

After Wednesday Bible study deliverance and anointing service, pastor prayed for everyone, I was the last he prayed for.  And this is what I AM revealed onto me:

"I will deliver people, I should stop expecting goosebumps, I should stop waiting for feelings, I should speak, all I need to do is SPEAK. He has prepared many people, he has arranged many people for me. When I speak, no one can resist me, they will be delivered through me and they shall accept him."

I cannot remember the exact spoken words, but I AM said these things

::date: 25 Feb 2015

Prophecy #2

My pastor prayed for me later in the evening after church, I AM revealed more of His purpose for me:

"THIS IS THE KEY, THIS IS THE KEY, if you know you are the Son of God, and nothing is impossible for you to do, nothing is impossible to do in your life, if you know who you are, THIS IS THE KEY, If you know who you are in ME, and you will do mighty things, you will do through my name mighty things, YOU WILL DO MIGHTY THINGS, nothing shall come against you, nothing shall challenge you. They will knee down and accept me, they will knee down and accept me, THEY WILL KNEE DOWN AND ACCEPT ME when they see the revelation of God, and accept me when they see you are dwelling with my power, they cannot resist, they cannot resist, THEY CANNOT RESIST.
Nobody can resist you, because I am with you, i am with you, I AM WITH YOU!
My power and authority is with you. YOU ARE THE SON OF GOD
As I made Jesus Christ, same way i have made you, made you, made you.
Even the devil see you not as you are, he is seeing you as Christ standing in front of him
that is how I made you, YOU ARE THE CHRIST
YOU ARE THE CHRIST which is Christ dwelling in you.
that is why I say, no longer you.
i am the one liveth in you."

::date: Feb 22th 2015

Prophecy #1

My pastor Antonysil Abraham prayed for me, God spoke through him, I AM revealed to me:
"I will deliver people, people speaking different languages, African speaking people, English speaking people, Asian speaking people"

When he prayed for me, I bursted out in tears crying, I AM revealed how much he loved, even calling me "His beloved".

::date of prophecy: can't recall/unknown

Walking with IAM

My name is David Oso, and I am walking with I AM
A new blog dedicated to my journey walking with Jesus.

May 29 2012 I was Born Again
I joined Prime Ministries church around Aug 2012 if I could recall, so I have been with them ever since till now.

I was set free from porn addiction. I have been exposed to the Spiritual realm/battle, I know the Truth now.