Saturday, 23 May 2015

Tonight #4 prophecy, why i smile

We had ministers meeting today at Pastor's house, to discuss the issues of many things hindering the growth of the church.
We finished around 10pm, from 8pm. Other teachings followed along the acknowledgement.
Before the rest of the brothers and sisters departed, pastor prayed for me.

God revealed that
I am always smiling and laughing, He wants me to always smile and laugh at the problems that comes against me. When I laugh and smile, the devil gets very angry. I should laugh at the problem and the evil will pack its bag and flee away.
He said there are some areas I am afraid to laugh/smile at, but I should smile/laugh and favour will be shown to me!
When I will lay my hands on people, I will smile/laugh, and when I do the spirit of laughter will over take the person I am praying for.

This is insane stuff.
Now I know why I am *ALWAYS* smiling and laughing. Because God designed me like this for a reason.

In the near future when my ministry has begone and started already, who ever is reading this now will know that ALL these happening are all done by God's will and planning!

Even people like you, at my working place, people I had worked with in the past, at big brand companies; you have seen me: I am always smiling and laughing and you've always wondered WHY.
Why is he always laughing and smiling.

This is the reason!

::date of prophecy: 23/May 2015

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