Sunday, 10 May 2015

Advancing in feeling God's power/presence, all the time

I've come a long way from feeling the presence and powers of I.AM.
The first time I started going to Prime Ministries and after the service, pastor will pray for me, then I feel I AM's presence.
I would fall to my back.

Feb 2013 was when Lord allowed me to feel his awesome presence, ever since I feel his presence day in and day out.
Now 2015 I feel his presence heavily, almost ALL the time!

what does it feel like?
*Numbness on my left or right foot (happens all the time)
*body shaking (when HEAVY presence of God is around)
*heat sensation around my body (all the time now)
*eye twitching (happened once)
*Falling back (happens all the time now)

What do I mean by happens all the time?
As in just minding my own business, or thinking; then I would feel this sensation.
Whenever the heavy presence of I AM is around is when my body shakes as if I am cold, even though I am not.

Sometimes I would get numbness on my fingers.

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