Thursday, 7 May 2015

Prophecy #2

My pastor prayed for me later in the evening after church, I AM revealed more of His purpose for me:

"THIS IS THE KEY, THIS IS THE KEY, if you know you are the Son of God, and nothing is impossible for you to do, nothing is impossible to do in your life, if you know who you are, THIS IS THE KEY, If you know who you are in ME, and you will do mighty things, you will do through my name mighty things, YOU WILL DO MIGHTY THINGS, nothing shall come against you, nothing shall challenge you. They will knee down and accept me, they will knee down and accept me, THEY WILL KNEE DOWN AND ACCEPT ME when they see the revelation of God, and accept me when they see you are dwelling with my power, they cannot resist, they cannot resist, THEY CANNOT RESIST.
Nobody can resist you, because I am with you, i am with you, I AM WITH YOU!
My power and authority is with you. YOU ARE THE SON OF GOD
As I made Jesus Christ, same way i have made you, made you, made you.
Even the devil see you not as you are, he is seeing you as Christ standing in front of him
that is how I made you, YOU ARE THE CHRIST
YOU ARE THE CHRIST which is Christ dwelling in you.
that is why I say, no longer you.
i am the one liveth in you."

::date: Feb 22th 2015

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  1. i recorded what was said on my mobile phone, so that was why i could type out the exact words