Sunday, 3 April 2016

Prophecy #17

Last week sunday
24 Jan 2016 | 18:48
After church service
Pastor Antonysil prayed for me

Nothing in this world, no blessing can be equal to it! Equal to it!
What you have, is far greater, FAR GREATER, than any billionaire has in his life.
What you have, what you have, what you have.
No trillionaire can have what you have.
You've been restored with the Father, restored with the Father.
Because none of them is equal to the blessing I have given onto you.
None of them equal to the power, to the authority that I have given to you.
None of them equal to the success and favour I have given to you.
You DON'T have any idea, how much I have imparted onto you.
Listen to this message, again and again and again.
It's going to take over, take over, take over; not only you, not only you
Whoever come across, come across, after this message and you will see, you will see the glory of God, you will see the power of God, you will see every sickness will disappear. You will see every demon will ran away from the word that you release.

The message that was given on sunday was so amazing. I kept feeling like a cool presence upon me (power of God) as the message was going.

The reason why God was saying I need to start walking and thinking like a trillionaire.
Is because when I give money to the homeless, I always get angry because I'm just giving spare changes, £1, £0.20p, £2, £5 etc:/
I was even speaking to one homeless guy in the wheelchair and I was telling him how I wanted to give MORE than just small amounts.

Sometimes I will speak to God and inquire of Him, if only I was very rich.
This is the reason why thus Father is telling me I need to think more than a billionaire.

And it is true, all the rich people of this world do not know what we have 

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