Sunday, 3 April 2016

Prophecy #18

After sunday Message
07 Feb 2016
After church service
Pastor Antonysil prayed for me

"because of the love, that is why you couldn't see any colours. you couldn't see anybody, you can be with any kind of people. Because my love has taken over you. You don't have idea about my love, because that much of love is taken over you, taken over you, taken over you.Meditate my love, mediate my love.When you put the hand on, when you pray for someone, when you walk into the house, they will cry, they will be broken. Because the love of God will take over that place, take over that place, take over that place, take  over that place.Speak in your heart, that place will be taken over."

The people who just love to help people, who can easily talk to people and who do not regard their formalities. These kind of people are the ones who have tasted the love of God.
When the love of God has taken over you, you easily see past people's skin colours and deforms.

When you see someone with skin disease, despite you speaking to them many times, each time you look at their face you CANNOT see that disease!
But when you are longing for the unconditional love of God or you lack love, you will see a lot of LACKNESS in people, and your mind will start judging them.

Can you see? if I can see people this way and I cannot regard their nationalities or skin colour because of the Love of God, how much more God sees us?
That is why bible says we are spotless, blameless, Holy, consecrated, forgiven, loved etc.
There is nothing wrong with us, only religious people such as Christians who do not have the unconditional love of God are the ones to point out your faults and make you unclean, but through Father's eyes we are clean!

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