Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Prophecy #15

10 Jan 2016 | 18:33pm

After church service
Pastor Antonysil prayed for me

Don't take it lightly, the anointing which is upon you, is a kingly anointing.God has anointed you to rule and reign.And you will restore my children, back to my plan, back to my creation, back to my perfection.
The relationship will increase, relationship will increase, relationship will increase.Everything in the relationship, even if you want that relationship to increase, even if you want the relationship increase, but the knowledge of God must increase.That will affect the relationship.
And you and Me will have a great relationship, (is God is saying)That relationship will take you to the nations, to the nations. Today you are nobody, but there's a times are coming, times are coming, times are coming. Even from your father's eyes, even from your family as you are nothing. But days are coming, days are coming, days are coming, the days are coming.You are the house on a mountain. And on the mountain everybody will see, everybody will see. EVERYBODY WILL SEE.

As you can see, all the set up.
Therefore all these blogs are just evidence and tracks of seeing how all these things will unfold.
100% many baby Christians will call me fake preacher, false prophets and liars in the future.
So these blogs are evidence for them. our brothers and sisters are the ones going against the body of Christ, yet Atheist don't even do this!

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