Friday, 1 January 2016

Prophecy #13

After 31st 2015, and into 1st 2016, my pastor Antonysil Abraham prayed for me after church service.
This is what Father/God/Jesus/Holy Spirit had to reveal through pastor.

Friday 1st January 2016, 2:41am

"This is your year! Where apostles failed to do the miracle, to deliver the epilepsy person....
When they failed and Jesus came and delivered for them, and now onwards wherever you go
when you think there you are failing to do the miracle,
there you will see the God's Authority, God's Hand, God's Power, they will take over that situation, that place. So that you will see the miracle of God.
This is your year, you will go in the supernatural, MORE, MORE!"

God will do great and mighty thing this year!
Expect, expect, EXPECT
I will be expecting: Signs and Wonders, greater healings! and deliverance of people in oppression!

No one gets the glory here, not my pastor, not me, but God alone gets the glory!

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