Sunday, 14 June 2015

Prophecy #6 dream confirmed

Today's message 14/06/2015 was amazing!
It was so full of Light that Father wanted us to listen again to that great message.

Father revealed to me, too much stuff!!!

1) I had one dream months and months ago, around 2014.
I saw 10 thousands x (times) 10 thousands of people, that cannot be numbered, like seashore!
I only saw a brief moment around 3 seconds.
I did not know what that meant, though later when my Pastor further prayed for me and mentioned I will be doing Ministry for God, that dream I had started making sense somewhat.

Now today my pastor probably saw the same vision,
"God is meeting people today one by one, one by one, but there's a days are coming.
Thousands of thousands people gathered to listen to me, thousands of thousands gathered to listen to me.

The word thousand, was not made up, I never told my pastor about this dream I had.
Thousand is the best word to describe what I saw, think of the word in Revelation when John saw the multitudes. That is why I call it 10,000 x 10,000. Now my pastor said thousands of thousands!

What I saw was like a crusade, thousands of people gathered, unnumberable!
Think of it like Benny Hinn ministries, Daniel Kolenda evangelism or Reinhard Bonke crusades.


"I will challenge, and do wonders and miracles, it will happen on the street, it will happen on the street, it will happen on the street!
Many will be gathering, many will be gathering because of the miracles they see, because of the wonders they see"

"healing....HEALING, HEALING.

When I release the word, He is there to prove it to me, to prove it to me! 

When he prayed for me, I felt Father/Jesus/Spirit touching me on my chest/stomach, I felt heat! and heat around my neck!

On my birthday, Father gave me this blessed promise as my birthday gift

1 Samuel 3:19New King James Version (NKJV)19 So Samuel grew, and the Lord was with him and let none of his words fall to the ground.

Thank you Father.
You who are reading this, are my witness to all these!
When I start doing great and mighty things, even mightier than what Jesus did, do not be surprise and know that it is merely Father's words and promises to me coming to past!

::date: 14 June 2015 Prophecy  (published 15 Monday)

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