Friday, 9 October 2015

Prophecy #11

After church, wonderful message from our pastor.
What was revealed, if many Christians hear this message, they will not believe because of how much they limit themselves and do not see how highly God sees us!

4 October 2015

"I have given you the Glory, MY GLORY.  The Father give me the very glory, that i have given unto you, it is taking you over. Take the authority, no enemy can stand in front of you because I am dwelling with you. I am in you, I am in you.
When you say Abba Father, it's not who you say, it is I AM who is connecting, with the Father. Not you, not you, not you. I have given you very glory, very glory, very glory"
"Father have glorified the son and He said I will glorify you, because my glory has been given unto you, In the way that i have glorified my son, I will glorify you!"

We learnt about inheritance, being the heir of Father, amazing message.
When you become a heir of God, you inherit all the property.
You inherit the rank, position, title, power, authority, tradition, talent and everything.

If you listen to the message and you get the revelation, you will NEVER be the same again as you are right now!

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