Monday, 19 October 2015

My feelings of God's presence (changes)

I will go back to the beginning.
If my pastor Anytonsil normally prays for me, I would fall backwards (aka being Slain in Spirit).

Feb 2013 was when Jesus manifested His glory at my pastor Antonysil's house during friday night prayer evening.
I noticed few things:
whenever I stood still during the worship, my body shaken heavily, but if I clapped my body stops shaking.
If I put my hands up in the air, my head goes backwards.
If I go on my knees, my body shakes.
Therefore I didn't know what to do, so I thought the best way for me to worship God is by clapping as I sang with the other brothers and sisters.
(mind you...despite all these things, both my foot became numb!)

Ever since that day I usually feel God's presence occasionally during the day without my pastor praying for me. The feeling happens such as one of my ears going numb, one of my fingers going numb or usually my foot going numb.
Also when Holy Spirit is trying to communicate with me, to inform me something through Feelings, I would feel the presence manifest around my body.
For an example when I failed my driving test the second time, I was very angry with God, but He tried to cool and calm me down, and I felt the numbness on my left ear knob.
Even on Dec 25 2013, as soon as I walked into our church, I felt his presence on me.

When my manager Russell Orr who worked with me at Next warehouse Ockendon, was complaining of a trap nerve on his right leg. That time I felt the presence of God strongly on me.
My body was shaking, my hands were shaking and my feet went numb.
Indicating I needed to pray for him...and I did.

Ever since all these days, the presence of God manifests on me differently!
Now mind you...many these things I usually felt (above)....and stopped. Except for the shaking and feet going numb.
I now feel numbness at the tip of my tongue!  (like the case of Jeremiah and Isiah)
As I type this now, I no longer feel the numbness, it stopped around end of Sept I believe.

Though what I am feeling now, is usually heat. I don't know if this heat would be the next manifestation presence all the time. But just to say...I usually feel the heat when my pastor prays for me or lays hand on me certain times. And the heat is always around my back of neck to my shoulders.
But what I am trying to say is that when I worship Father, and i put my hands up, by the time I put my hands down I would feel the heat. Even when I pray for people, I would immedialy feel heat around my back, as if I am going hot.
I prayed for Ammar's dad last Sunday even 18 Oct 2015, after losing his good friend few days ago, after praying for him and laid hands on his chest, i could feel the heat so much at the back of my neck.

Right now I don't know if it is God's presence or just human body. But I seem to be getting a LOT of twitching!!!
You know when you get the eyelid twitch?

It is not just my left eyelid that twitches a lot, but rest part of my body: fingers, muscles, leg etc.

Now I will say this, back when I was young, when I masturbate, the next day I would usually get eyelid twitches. I usually thought I get eyelid twitch after watching porn.
But i was wrong, because after being Born Again and not watching porn, I still got the eyelid twitches!

Well naturally people would say it is due to dry eyes, tiredness, stress etc.
Who knows I might have been tired those times I did not watch porn but still felt the eyelid twich, as I cannot remember the state I was at.

But now...lately I have been getting these twitching A LOT. It has nothing to do with the symptoms, because I have no stress, no worries, no lack of please.

So right now...the feelings manifestation of the presence of the Lord I am getting are:
+heat at the back of my neck
+numbness on feet
+heat on my back when I begin to speak words
+immediate power falling upon me as soon as I start praying or put my hands up
+shaking of the hands when the power is heavily presence

For the presences I stopped feeling or rarely feel are:
-tip of my tongue going numb
-numbness around my ears
-numbness on fingers

But hey!
Holy Spirit/God/Jesus manifest His powers different ways.

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